Tolbert Grant is now available for students to use towards their CNA tuition.

The Grant amount is $500.

For Inquiries, Please Call: 240-770-7774

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Why Nursing Assistants Need to Learn Coping Techniques

Working as a nursing assistant in a hospital setting will always have its ups and downs. There will be moments when you feel happy, especially when your patients thank you for assistance and other workers for health care services in Maryland will commend you for a job well done. However, there will be moments when … Continue reading

Being a CNA Can Be the Right Career Path for You

In the health care unit, certified nursing assistants play a significant role. They don’t only assist the medical professionals, but they also help take care of the patients. Since there is a high demand for CNAs, there is job stability for them regardless of the economy’s situation. If there is a need for them to … Continue reading

Doctor and team with urine sample